School Facility Security & Safety Measures

Union Gap School District utilizes a variety of state of the art security systems as well as a partnership with the ESD 105 School Safety Operations and Coordination Center (SSOCC) to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and visitors. We wanted to share some of the security features that go into creating a safe environment for teaching and learning that have been made possible with the help of our Maintenance and Operations Levies.

One the most important features for day to day operations is our visitor management system to ensure all visitors are accounted for and that only pre-screened adults are allowed into the building, this includes parents, contractors, volunteers, vendors, and other guests.  Though visitor protocol has changed due to COVID, our safety measures remain.

Additionally, we have a great surveillance system to ensure we have good visibility throughout our campus as well as on our buses and an excellent access control system that helps keep our building secure from the outside and allows us to issue electronic "keys" that can easily be disabled if lost. 

Lastly, we utilize a variety of emergency communication systems to help relay important information to staff and local law enforcement, which we feel is critical in the event of an emergency.

Safety is always a very high priority at Union Gap School and we will continue to research and implement new safety features and methods to ensure we continue to offer the safest environment for our staff and students!

District Wide Improvements to date

Estimated completion in Winter 2021 - Necessary technology infrastructure improvements to improve reliability of our network to better support our 1-to-1 initiative

Summer 2021 - Expanded wood-chip playground area to include another swing set and additional space for a future GaGa pit! Additionally replaced aging dishwasher and ovens in Kitchen facilities.

Summer 2020 - Added new bottle filling station on the 2nd floor for our middle school students & staff

Fall 2019 - Necessary technology datacenter improvements were completed, replacing critical aging equipment that was 7+ years old

Fall 2017 - Completed a major building expansion to add 6 additional classrooms and student/staff restrooms and bottle filling station to the north end of the school (near Ahtanum road).

2009-2010 - Completed new school K-8 building, parking lots, new playgrounds & baseball field

Summer 2006 - Completed new bus garage