Balanced Calendar Steering Committee

Union Gap School District has established a Steering Committee to explore the concept of a balanced calendar and whether it will be beneficial to our district. This is something that most school districts in our county are exploring as well. Two districts are already in a balanced calendar this school year.

What is a balanced calendar? With a balanced calendar, students attend class the same number of days and receive the same instructional hours as a traditional calendar school. A balanced calendar modifies the traditional 180 day calendar to keep the learning process continuous. Students have periodic, shorter breaks rather than one long break.

If you were unable to attend the state-wide Balanced Calendar Parent Webinar, here is the recording of the meeting:

As a parent/guardian, please let Superintendent Gredvig know if you would like to serve on this district committee. You can contact her at or 509-654-7985.

Share your thoughts with the Committee!

Send your feedback or questions about Balanced Calendar by clicking this link

Committee Membership

Meeting Dates

The Balanced Calendar Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 am at the school.