2018-2019 Bus Schedule

Below times are estimated
Possible changes to routes and times may occur during the school year
Students should take the bus and NOT cross Main Street!
Bus Snow Routes 2019 - Click to view/print alternate bus stops when "Snow Routes" are in affect.

Morning Route

BUS #1
7:25Leave School
7:302205 18th St (Town and Country)
7:35Lilac Lane
7:38Mead & Callahan
7:43E. Washington and Holiday Ave.
7:48E. California Street
7:50Sunset Motel
7:55Return to Union Gap School

BUS #2
7:15Leave School
7:181st Avenue and Ahtanum
7:20Miniature Golf Course
7:23Los Juanes Carniceria
7:28Glaspey and 16th
7:301004 Meadowbrook
7:328th Avenue and Meadowbrook
7:33Goodman and Meadowbrook
7:40East Ahtanum Trailer Park
7:43Rainbow Kids Daycare Center
7:45Tacoma St and Columbus St
7:50Return to Union Gap School

Afternoon Route

BUS #1
3:20Leave School
3:24E. Washington and Holiday Ave.
3:27E. California St
3:29Rainbow Kids Daycare Center
3:32Sunset Motel
3:35Tacoma St and Columbus St
3:45Return to Union Gap School

Bus #2
3:20Leave School
3:23East Ahtanum Trailer Park
3:271st Avenue
3:30Miniature Golf Course
3:33Los Juanes Carniceria
3:35 Coco's
3:37Glaspey and 16th
3:431004 Meadowbrook
3:458th Avenue and Meadowbrook
3:48Goodman and Meadowbrook
3:55Return to Union Gap School

BUS #4
3:20Leave School
3:252205 18th Steet (Town and Country)
3:30Lilac Lane
3:35Mead & Callahan
3:45Return to School