• Information Technology (IT) touches every person at Union Gap School District, in one way or another, nearly every day.  Today, since almost every innovation or new device the school district employs has a digital component, IT is involved in almost everything.
    Unseen, like the nervous system, IT provides the technology (in the form of high-speed fiber optic and wireless networks) that connects the devices and systems which all students and staff use to create, communicate, store, search, and retrieve the information vital to the day-to-day operation of this school district.
    The services IT offers include the following: electronic mail, IP phone system & voicemail, Interom & bell system, calendaring, tasking, contact lists, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases, notes, task lists; setup and maintenance of School Tech pic desktop, laptop, tablet computers, E-Readers, cell phones, and iPod-like devices; printers, copiers, and scanners; including some heating and cooling system control, building entry system operation, and security camera monitoring; centrally located application servers and every other web-based service available on the planet. 
    IT's recent major projects have included a Website redesign, implementation of a fiber optic internet connection, an huge upgrade of our central storage and backup system, a Skyward electronic grade book and attendance rollout for all grades, a Skyward financial system conversion, setup of a Skyward lunch program, deployment of around 100 donated and purchased computers to replace old ones and add addtional to some classrooms.  If it's digital, IT knows about it and how it works.  At times it is new to IT; but together with the faculty, staff, students of Union Gap School District, we make technology work!
    You can reach the Technology department directly at (509)248-3966 x550. 
    Our current IT staff includes:
    Tony Silver - District Technology Coordinator / Director of IT
    Alex Warren- Technology Support Specialist
    - Dedicated to Education, Inspiration for LIfe -