• Holly Fife- Kindergarten Teacher
  • Hello! My name is Holly Fife. I teach kindergarten at Union Gap Elementary. This is my 5th year teaching and my 4th year teaching at Union Gap, which I absolutely love! I grew up in the Lower Yakima Valley and attended college at Yakima Valley Community College then I received my Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Elementary Education K-8 with an endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language. I am currently continuing my education by working to become Nationally Board Certified in General Education ages 3-8.

    I am married to a wonderful future teacher and we have 2 very busy sons, Ryker who is 7 and Archer who is 2. My family enjoys being outdoors. We love to go camping, fishing, swimming, walking and we are working to master bow hunting. We are always on the go, but we love to learn and find new adventures.

    In my classroom, I try to make it feel like home. We encourage students to treat each other with love and respect like you would with your own family. We talk about being "bucket fillers" or "PAX" leaders by being kind to others and doing our jobs. "Bucket dipping" or "spleems" are words that mean you are not doing the job or being kind to others. We like to take brain breaks in class to get out our wiggles, and can even earn some "wacky prizes" if you do an excellent or "PAX" job in our classroom. We work on growing our brains all the time. We talk about how difficult work is a good workout for your brain muscles. If you don't work your brain, those muscles cannot grow. So mistakes are encouraged, as making mistakes means that you are trying something that is new or not easy to you! If you want to know any more please email me at hfife@uniongap.org