• Protocol for a School Facility Lockdown

    The Union Gap School District personnel have the technical capability to place the facility in full lockdown or perimeter lockdown. The District can be placed in full lockdown by local law enforcement agencies and designated safety providers as well. The procedure can be verbally requested as well as electronically administered by those agencies. Perimeter lockdown allows staff and students to move freely in the building but exiting the building is not an option. The public will not be allowed to enter the school facility when it is in full or perimeter lockdown. School administration personnel will electronically send a phone message and/or a written note home with students following an official all-clear from the lockdown. This will be completed as soon as reasonably possible. Under no circumstance will the school administrators send out a phone message until AFTER the school facility is no longer officially in any form of lockdown. Announcing a lockdown during the event, whether it is an incident in the school or near the school facility, places the public at risk and further complicate responder’s efforts to secure the area(s) involved. Please contact the Superintendent if you have any questions or concerns.