• December 2011


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Students in grades 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in Union Gap School’s Cruzin’ Cubs Mileage Club. Cruzin’ Cubs is a walking and jogging club which will be held during their lunch recess time on the football field two days a week. All participants will be provided with Cruzin’ Cubs cards to track their laps around the field; each lap around the field, either walked or ran, will earn the student a mark on their card. For every completed card your child will receive a toe token – a small, colorful, collectible plastic foot that is strung onto a chain – to recognize their efforts.   


    There are many benefits to participating in Cruzin’ Cubs:

    • Students find it fun and rewarding.
    • It reduces playground hassles and boredom.
    • Helps get students fit and fights obesity.
    • Students’ burn off excess energy.
    • Builds students’ self-esteem.


    The premise of this Mileage Club is simple and fun for students.  By joining the Mileage Club, students are making healthier lifestyle choices. If you would like your child to participate in the Cruzin’ Cubs Mileage Club please sign the permission slip below and return to school with your student.


    This is not a form of discipline. This is a voluntary program in which students earn rewards for completing laps.





    Mrs. Butler

    PE Teacher

    Union Gap School






    I _________________________________________ give permission for my son/daughter __________________________________ to participate in the Cruzin’ Cubs Mileage Club at Union Gap School during their lunch recess.




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